domenica 15 luglio 2012

Halfway there! (GSoC "weekly" report)

So here we are, at the Midterm Evaluation checkpoint.
I must say I'm satisfied with how the project ended up so far. I would consider it feature complete now, and code review has begun, both in gdm (with Ray Strode churning through the long patchset and turning the old code base into something quite nice) and in gnome-shell (thanks to my mentor Marina and to the never stopping Jasper).
Also, compared to the last update, I finished the planned features, of which the most prominent is the PIN authentication, that is a touch friendly replacement for passwords, only meant for local logins. Obligatory screenshot:

This final part, while implemented and working here, may not be ready for 3.6, as it is a bit unstable, and the required configuration bits are not there yet.

My plan now? First of all, rebasing all this on the new libgdm (which will require some work to get a testing environment). Then I hope to land this right after 3.5.4, and showcase it at the GUADEC. Because, just in case I forgot:

I will be speaking during the Lightning Talks session, so if you are interestered, don't miss them!

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