martedì 26 giugno 2012

Biweekly report #3

Hello Planet GNOME readers!

No nice looking screenshots this time, unfortunately. I've been incredibly busy for the past two weeks, partly because of the university, and partly for other bugs and stuff around GNOME that needed attention.
I did got around to two points of the Screen Lock feature:
  • I implemented the screenshield watchdog process, meaning that gnome-shell crashing will not allow random user to see through the lock screen (they'll instead stare at a nice black screen)
  • I talked with the designers about the lock control center panel, resulting in a new mockup, quite different from the implemented one. Further discussion is needed though, as some points (like rotation, or renaming Displays to External Displays) are not convincing.
I believe I'm still within deadlines, although they're becoming stricter and stricter, in particular with the summer exam session starting this week. In the next weeks I'll be working on PIN autentication, first in the accountsservice and then on the shell UI. I also want to discuss with designers on the "mega status menu", as I personally see no reason to have it in place of the usual menus.
And then testing, testing, testing - we have the watchdog now, but the less we see it, the better!

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